Value Creation Blueprint

Value Creation Blueprint by Russel Nouveau

Value Creation Blueprint Weekend Workshop

9AM – 4.30PM both days


8 steps to adding $100,000- $200,000 or more to your business.

Spend a Weekend with Me to Build Trust in your Compelling Offers, by Magnetising Your Ideal Customers to Services Tailored to Their Needs. We’ll together create Irresistible Offers that have a high conversion Rate, so you can sell more, at premium prices to people you enjoy working with.

Isn’t it time to Stop Competing on Price and Make some Serious Money From your Business? Guaranteed or the weekend is FREE*.

Hi I’m Russel Nouveau, and for the last 31 years, I’ve consulted with business owners to boost their positioning and appeal in the marketplace. We’ve helped businesses with their branding, websites and marketing, but the real key to successfully transforming business has been achieved by Positioning for Profit.

What do I mean? Doubling Your Profit is Easy, but even better is positioning your business for effortless profit. This is achieved by re-orienting the business for a specialism, and a narrow but profitable niche, delivering high-value services to people who appreciate them… for a premium price.

You will learn these valuable secrets on the weekend:

  • The Architecture of Value Creation
  • How best to determine your USP and Visible Value
  • The best option for YOUR unique Value Creation Blueprint
  • What approach will best communicate your value to prospects
  • You’ll come away with 13 specific ideas for increasing YOUR perceived value in the marketplace
  • You’ll learn how to leverage YOUR business for maximum profit potential
  • You’ll learn 5 ways to dissolve sales resistance
  • You’ll see how to use emotional momentum to tip conversion rates in your favour
  • Build Trust in your Compelling Offers, by Magnetising Your Ideal Customers to Services Tailored to Their Needs
  • Create an Irresistible Offer that has a high conversion rate
  • Stop Competing on Price and Make some Serious Money From your Business.

Why Trust Me?

I have devoted my life to business consulting, branding, marketing and websites. For 31 years we researched ‘why people buy’. We researched what makes a business ‘fascinating’ and ‘what makes it profitable’.

How we developed Positioning for Profit.

It’s a process built on 3 cornerstones of my experiences. First was my Master’s Degree studies in semiotics-the persuasive power of presentation, positioning and authority on buying decisions. Next was the long-term Platinum Performers Program that resulted in the effective measurement of customer value delivered in the marketplace. The third was nearly 3 decades of branding and marketing for SME’s. For each of those clients, we developed what we called visible value.

In short, we find or create and magnify the value you deliver to customers… and make it visible and clear at every opportunity. We create differentiation that equates to strength and appeal in a particular niche- a profitable niche that you can defend over time.

I would go so far as to say this is a big idea that eclipses all the marketing efforts and dollars spent and speaks on a level that is primal and basic…. determining buying patterns that have nothing to do with slick expensive advertising.

Learn from me, and have a specific customised solution developed to suit your situation. This may well be your best investment ever in your business.

Business Results Guaranteed

We’re so confident it will make a HUGE difference to your profitability we offer this amazing guarantee!

Generate Additional Profits Within 12 Months to exceed Ten Times Your Investment… or it’s FREE.

Who is this weekend for? Please COME if:

  • You want to dominate your industry niche
  • You will to do whatever it takes to exceed competitors and eclipse their Value Plans
  • You are sick and tired of average results and want to get massive results
  • You are ready for major success now


Please DO NOT COME if:

  • You are happy with your current business situation and return on investment
  • You are unwilling to change, or unable to change, or a procrastinator
  • You’ll be satisfied with an average business

How we approach the weekend

  • Day 1- Saturday. Crafting Your Value Creation Blueprint – Tailored to your Business
  • Specialisms- and why they will make you money
  • Niche Markets- which ones will work for you?
  • Specific Value Added Services, Designed for Maximum Bang and Efficiency
  • Solving the problems of your customer
  • Innovations you can create
  • Values Orientation
  • Make your First Priority the Needs of the Client
  • ‘Packaging’ your services or products for larger sales
  • Day 2- Sunday. Whole Brain Integration… to gain certainty around the execution and expression of your Value Creation Blueprint
  • What Differences will there be at work – Starting Tomorrow.
  • Role Play Work Situations & Use of the Phraseology Workbook
  • Elevator Speech, and Emotive Story Telling
  • Visualisation + Precall of Happy Outcomes

Why you must do this

If you are a business owner, you must have realised by now that there is no money in

the doing. But there is a whole lot of money in differentiating and packaging in a unique way, what you can do for customers. We can help correct any of the shortcomings in your positioning strategy, and help you to evolve into a new business model that delivers maximum return to you and other stakeholders.

Let’s together reshape your business to the one you can fall in love with- all over again! You’ll be happier, less stressed and will enjoy a better lifestyle as well.

What You’ll Receive:

  • Initial Business Diagnostic to review the health and performance of your business value $495 FREE
  • Weekend Detailed Value Plan $2,500
  • 90 Days of Support $1,800 FREE
  • 3 ‘one on one’ Execution Reviews-one a month $900 FREE
  • Total Value $5,695 Just $2,500

Remember if you don’t think it will make you at least 10 times your investment… ask for your money back. No Questions, No arguments, And we’ll still be friends.

So go ahead now and register by emailing me

Russel Nouveau

Brand Architect

Call 0414 301 717 anytime

PS Just $250 will secure your position at the weekend seminar. Pay the balance over 3 months at $750/month. Total investment $2,500 with RISK FREE Satisfaction Guarantee.

PPS Bring a work colleague or business partner for just $500.

PPPS We not only deliver great content but also hold you accountable, something that every business owner needs. That’s why we include 3 FREE execution reviews.